Best activities for elderly people to living healthy life

Many factors influence healthy aging. Some of these, such as genetics, are not in our control. Others like exercise, healthy diet, taking care of our mental health — are within our reach.

6/12/2022 by Fab care

Best activities for elderly people to living healthy life

1. Exercise daily

To being happy and healthy, it is must to do exercise daily so make it your daily life activity. Some exercises for elders listed below:",

a. Chair Yoga

This is the low-impact form of exercise that improves muscles strengh, mobility, balance and flexibility which is most important for elders' better health. Good chair yoga exercises are:

  • Overhead stretch
  • Seated cow stretch
  • Seated cat stretch
  • Seated mountain pose
  • Seated twist
b. Pilates

A century ago, the Pilates low-impact exercise was developed. Breathing, alignment, focus, and core strength are stressed during pilates exercises, which generally use mats, pilates balls, and other inflatable accessories to assist build strength without the strain of more strenuous exercises.Some good pilates exercises are:",

  • Mermaid movement
  • Side circles
  • Food slides
  • Step ups
  • Leg circle
c. Resistance band workouts

Stretchy rubber strips called resistance bands can increase resistance to workouts while putting less strain on your body. Resistance band exercises are simple to use and suitable for beginners. Resistance band workouts are perfect for at-home training because they have very low upfront material expenses, which is why they are becoming more and more popular among seniors.These exercises are also excellent for strengthening your core, which enhances balance, mobility, and posture.Resistance band workouts for elders include:",

  • Leg press
  • Triceps press
  • Lateral raise
  • Bicep curl
  • Band pull apart
2. Gardening

The benefits of gardening for seniors are numerous. Gardening has a tendency to become pretty addicting once you get the hang of it. The thrill of sowing a seed and seeing it grow is difficult to match. Enthusiastic gardeners will want to plant the most lovely flowers and plants in their gardens (as well as on their windowsills), shape their lawns into attractive patterns, and perhaps even grow some fruits and vegetables.Just a few of the cognitive and physical advantages of going outside into the garden are as follows:",

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Sense of achievement
  • Getting out into the fresh air
  • Helping to keep fit and active
  • Can provide nutritious, healthy food
3. Brain games

Maintaining mental health and strength as we age is just as crucial as keeping our bodies strong and fit. Our mental health plays a significant role in our ability to live independently as we age and our brain is ultimately responsible for keeping us happy throughout our lives.Every day mental challenges are required to keep the brain functioning as optimally as possible. Thankfully, there are simple games, chores, and activities that anybody may enjoy that make mental exercise enjoyable and simple. Some games, activities or tasks are listed below:",

  • Trivia Quizzes
  • Sudoku
  • Keep the hands and mind busy with arts & crafts
  • Word puzzles
  • Bingo
  • Try a brain training app